Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do I need to play poker?

  • 1 Deck or more of 52 cards
  • Poker chips or tokens of different values


  • A Dealer button
  • A Baize
  • A timer for blinds (We developed our own one, don't hesitate using it!)

What is the best hand in Poker?

The best hand in Poker is the Royal flush, also called the Straight Flush Royal. It’s the most difficult hand to get. You have a probability of 0,000153908% to get one. There are only 4 hands possible over 2,598,960.
Every player remembers the day they win with a royal flush, imagine the people who lost against it!

royal flush on board
Royal flush of spades.

When burning cards before dealing?

Some people get confused about when burning cards before dealing. It's a misdealing if you do it each time you deal a card.
The only moments you have to burn a card it’s when dealing the community cards.
You need to burn before dealing the flop, the turn, and the river.
If in the end, you don’t have 3 cards burned. You did a mistake while dealing.

What is the minimum amount when raising?

In order to avoid long betting rounds, raises must be made according to the rule that the amount of the raise must be greater than or equal to twice the amount of the Big Blind or the last bet if a raise has already been made.
For example, if the Big Blind amount is 20, the first raise must be at least 40. If a player decides to raise to 50, the next player to raise must bet at least 100.

Can I hide my cards at the end of a hand?

Yes, if a player has revealed his hand and has a better hand than yours, you can hide your cards.
It is also possible to hide your hand when you win the pot, this is only possible when all other players have thrown down their hands first. It's very common to do this. It’s called muck.

Can I change my bet after I have made it?

No, it’s completely forbidden to change his bets except if you were wrong and you have announced before the amount you wanted to bet. For example, if you wanted to bet 150 and said so but just pushed a chip a 100, you can add 50 more. If you have not announced your bet before, your bet will be considered as 100 and you won’t be able to add 50 more.
That’s why it’s recommended to announce every action you make to avoid mistakes.
Of course, if you are playing at home with friends, do as it pleased all the players. Remind you that Poker is a game and you need to enjoy playing it.

Is a straight of 6 cards better than 5?

No, the rules of Poker are very clear about it. We keep only the five cards that form the best combination. If you manage to create a straight of 6 cards or a flush of 7 cards, the lowest cards will be discarded.
In any doubt, you can use our odds calculator to do so.

What happens if two persons have the exact same hand?

The pot is split between the two players. But be sure that there is actually an equality.
In any doubt, you can use our odds calculator to do so.