This is the default action, it is when you do not want to bet or when you want to wait to see what other players will do to make your decision.
It is an action not to be overlooked that must be used wisely, it is a formidable weapon.

Check allows you to see the different streets for free, so some players may force you to pay a certain amount if you check too much.


Sometimes we talk about check-call, check-raise, check-fold. These are simply strategies that are adopted after a check.

You decide to check to let your opponents bet and you adopt the following strategies:

  • If the next player bets less than a third of the pot, I raise. We are talking about check-raise.
  • If the next player bets about two-thirds of the pot, I call. We are talking about check-call.
  • If the next player bets more than two-thirds of the pot, I fold. We are talking about check-fold.